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About Us

Welcome to TailorNext, little bit about how TailorNext Started.

Our lead Mr. Anil Magaji has come a long way from a small custom tailoring shop owner in Belgaum Karnataka in the year 1991, to developing an innovative tailoring solution that is custom made for every body type & shape coupled with impeccable workmanship.

Coming from a family of tailoring professionals, when Anil Magaji first started out, his passion was to make his clients look good and feel confident in their attire. This drove him to know more, and do more in his profession. He is a firm believer that ‘Well fitted attire’ boosts a person’s confidence and make him look elegant. Which is most necessary in today’s competitive world.

He worked his way through the clothing industry and mastered the modern techniques of manufacturing process. He worked with famous Indian men’s Ready-To-Wear brand, to international retail brands, and even set up manufacturing facility for ready-to-wear garments.

Every individual has his own unique body type, and Ready-to-Wear trousers, those available in the market are manufactured in general size. Though RTW have a good finishing, but lack in giving you custom fit. At the same time, custom tailors lack giving good finishing to your trousers. Mr. Anil Magaji understood the gap and put his hard earned experience of bespoke tailoring and Ready-to-Wear manufacturing, to develop an algorithm that gives ‘Perfect Fit’ and ‘Factory Finish’ of trouser at one place.

Using geometry, algebra, mathematical calculations and age old Pythagoras theorem TailorNext has developed solution to design trouser fit, and automated it with technology help. Simplified processes of RTW manufacturing to give trousers an impeccable workmanship.

Mrs. Saroj Magaji who is a fashion designer from IIFT (Indian Institute of Fashion Technology Delhi) takes care of operations.

Miss Namita Magaji who is fashion management student from NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology) takes care of business and marketing of TailorNext and is thrilled to be a part of this wing of the fashion industry.

Presently TailorNext is providing tailoring service in Bangalore and aims to extend it to other cities of India in coming months through franchisee model.

We hope you enjoy our service as much as we love offering it to you. For any questions or comments, please contact us!

Team TailorNext