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Do you remember not being satisfied with your local tailor? Changing your tailor every once in a while? Asking your friends for their tailor’s contact? The regret you felt for spending money and not being satisfied with your tailor?

Or do you remember going shopping and trying on multiple outfits from different readymade stores? And hoarding the clothes in hopes that one day they will finally fit?

TailorNext has developed a solution combining decades of experience in custom tailoring and readymade manufacturing. Using intricate calculations such as Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, Mathematics and Pythagoras Theorem, we’ve developed algorithms for fit designing for every unique body type. We also use modern machineries to eradicate inaccuracies caused by manual intervention so you can get factory finish and easy customization.

What do we offer?

  • Uncompromised Fit
  • Factory Finish
  • Easy Customization & Convenience
  • Fabric Variety

How Do We Do It?

The idea is to reduce human intervention by increasing the technological input and retaining the customization part at the same time.

  • We’ve appointed TailorNext verified designers who will guide you on what fit & design suits you the best, and who will also take your measurements.
  • The fit design is then generated by our proprietary algorithm that we’ve developed over the years.
  • The fit design is then mapped to a machine that uses a laser to cut fabric to avoid any manual inaccuracies.
  • Fusion of traditional and modern stitching processes along with specialized machines are used to give factory finish to your clothing.
  • We have franchised this solution to multiple fabric stores where you can shop for a variety of fabric and avail TailorNext solution at the same place.
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